Welcome,  I’m glad you’re here and I’m certain I’ll be able to accommodate any of your speaking needs.  No matter the event or engagement, I promise to give 110% in an effort to help you achieve the goals of your event.

In addition to my daily 3 hour talk show, as a former pastor I’ve spoken publicly hundreds of times, from regular weekly services to weddings, funerals and local community events.  I’ve given keynote addresses for local high school events and men’s group meetings and recently was the MC for a Friends of the NRA banquet.  I have experience in everything from training to entertaining and have even written talks for other speakers.

What you can expect from me if you choose to have me speak at your event is an honest an engaging talk colored with humor, fun and purpose.  Andy Stanley once said that people not listen to your message if they perceive it to be irrelevant. So with that in mind I always work diligently to ensure, that no matter the topic, it will be relevant to your event and your audience.

I can speak with authority on a wide range of topics including leadership, education, politics, philosophy, religion and many many more.  So whether you need a speaker for a weekend marriage seminar, or someone just to entertain a corporate get away I’d be glad to offer any help I can.  Just fill out the contact form below and we can work out the details.