Brad SchmidtHello, you already know my name but here’s a few things you may not know about me.

I’m am the husband of 19 plus years to my wife Mandy.  I’m also a father to my daughter Mia (19) and my son Kenny (14). Currently, as you know I am the host of The Schmidt Show, a 2 hour daily talk radio show.  I used to be the Pastor of a small church in a rural North Dakota town and I’ve held a host of other jobs including everything from truck driving to tech support.

When it comes to this radio thing, I’m simply doing my best at …making talk radio a force for good.

As you wade around here on the site you’ll find everything from self help articles to politics, religion and even opinion about whatever inspires, irritates, or interests me at the time.  As I develop the site I also intend to add audio from my radio show and maybe even a few videos from my YouTube channel.  Thanks for stopping by and checking things out, I hope you find something of value and if you do, pass it along to someone else who might find value in it too.